Kids Favorite Pajamas and Daily Wear

The Story of El Poco


Inspired by kids and tweens, who wants nothing more than comfort wear for their daily activities. Treetop are carefully designed, precisely measured, meticulously manufactured and thoroughly checked and re-checked for the perfect size, just so it comfortably fits all types of kids. 

What makes our pajamas different from other pajamas? It's in the material that we used. Cotton Bamboo is no doubt one of the softest fabrics for daily wear. It's breathable, highly absorbent, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. It's preferred and loved by many. 


Some kids are active, some just likes lounging. Some kids prefer to snuggle in long sleeves, some are okay with short sleeves for all night sleep. We cater to all different types of kids preferences. 

Can't decide which color you like best, then get them all. Once you put on a Treetop, you'll want to wear them every day and night.